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WiFi Issue

Started by soulshine, May 18, 2015, 01:11:51 PM

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Guess I'll throw my two cents in as well, as the wifi function has been and still is an on going problem in our band. We seem to have a work around for the same issues as you describe, but at least the same scenario plays out each performance.

1) My partner "sees" my iPad OK and and he sends the link request. (we are using the remote control mode)

2) I get the request and accept it. (my iPad is set to send remote control)

3) We both show the link established.

4) After a couple of minutes, we both lose the link icon, and my iPad is froze. By that, I mean there is no control of any SLM functions. If there was a backing track playing, it continues to play, but it cannot be stopped and the setlist cannot be scrolled. The lyrics also stop scrolling. Completely locked up.

5) I close the SLM app completely and reload SLM. Sometimes the link will immediately reappear, but sometimes he has to resend the request. Regardless, SLM runs fine then the rest of the night.

Strangely, I have to be the iPad to reload SLM. If he exits SLM on his iPad, then the whole scenario replays itself. We have been operating in this mode since about the first of the year, but there should be a better way.
Jim in Ohio


Are you using the latest app version 4.1.8 that was released a few days ago? What you're describing sounds exactly like what was fixed in this version.

You can see your current version on the Help > Troubleshooting page.


Actually, I just noticed the new version this morning, and just installed it. We'll be giving it a try tomorrow. Sure sounds like the same scenario, though.    Thanks
Jim in Ohio