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Author Topic: Next Screen vs Auto-Scrolling  (Read 3255 times)


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Next Screen vs Auto-Scrolling
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:15:46 PM »
I guess this is post is about how we decided best way to use remote control.

We first tried using Next/Prev Screen and letting one master foot (mine :) ) decide when to do page turns. Had a LOT of trouble, including the master iPad going blank (ie, lyrics disappearing) and other pathologies.

Now we've decide best approach is to work on song and obtain "very close" values for Auto-Scrolling as the primary mode of operation. Then, use one pedal to toggle the scroll (other pedal is dedicated to Next Song, which makes segues very easy).
This is really the best way I think. "Foot off" operation means that most (all?) of the time, I do nothing; just watch the chords & lyrics scroll into view. But, in an emergency (or say, taking an unplanned extended lead break), just toggle the scroll off, then start it back when we're ready to proceed. By setting auto-scroll parameters slightly "aggressive" (meaning that the scroll pushes the envelop ahead in the song), we're guaranteed to only need to toggle scrolling to "hold it back". Obviously, not a good way to operate if the scroll rate is too slow; no mechanism to "jump ahead", though I guess we could also use Next Screen for the other pedal to cover that exigency as well.

But best bet is just stay a little aggressive on scrolling, then toggle on or off if needed.

Others thoughts?

P.S. Next time get together (tomorrow), we'll see if using the master iPad for device linking will work without pathologies if master is just toggling the scroll rather than issuing Next/Prev Screen. That would be best; then only one player has to deal with SLM display, but everyone gets the benefit.
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