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Using Mainstage

Started by keysandmore, April 02, 2015, 01:51:42 PM

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I have Set List Maker on my iPad, Mainstage on my MacBook Pro, and a Yamaha keyboard (S90XS) with USB to host, and Midi In, Midi Out, and Midi Thru.

I want to be able to use the Yamaha keyboard as the "controller" to play the notes. I want the voices to originate from Mainstage. And I want Set List Maker to send the necessary midi / program changes to Mainstage.

I have had the keyboard and Mainstage working together fine. And I experimented with Set List Maker and the keyboard alone (without Mainstage), and I got that to work.

But I have been unable to have all 3 elements working together. Any assistance on the physical connections and or midi settings would be much appreciated!


As clarification, the issue is that Set List Maker is not communicating with Mainstage to make the midi / program changes.


I can't really help with MIDI networking, but maybe someone else can. It would be good to describe how you're making all your connections currently.


Let's start with just trying to get Set List Maker to work wtih MainStage.

I have my iPad Air 2 connected to my MacBook Pro via a USB/lightening cable.

I set up Mainstage as a midi device transmitting via channel 1.

I set up a midi preset in SLM and named it Mainstage; I inserted program number "011" (which is the number  automatically assigned to the patch/voice by Mainstage) without any MSB or LSB numbers.

However, SLM is not communicating with Mainstage in that the voice doesn't change in MainStage


I'm pretty sure you need a MIDI interface, not just a USB cable, to connect an iPad to a Mac. You can connect wirelessly without a MIDI interface.


You need to connect your ipad using an irig midi interface or camera kit and the s90xs to a midi merge (midi solutions make good ones) then connect the merger output to a midi interface that is connected to your mac.
From the mac you will have to connect the midi out back to the midi in of your ipad in order to have 2 way communication..

You will then have to teach slm using midi learn the correct program change messages. To send to mainstage. The connecion schematic is as follows

Ipad (irig )midi out ----merge midi in 1 .
S90xs midi out----merge in 2
Merge out----mac midi in (via an interface)
Midi out mac (via interface)----midi in (irig)ipad.

Regards Andy

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Thanks for the info! I'll try it out.


Hello forum;

I've got a similar setup. I have the iConnectMIDI4+ and have the iPad as a device in Apple MIDI Setup.  Then, all patch changes aware sent out from Set List Maker as patches. Then in MainStage I have the iPad as the device that selects patches.

Perhaps there is a way to just send calls directly to MainStage from Set List Maker?

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Perhaps there is a way to just send calls directly to MainStage from Set List Maker?

Do you mean instead of using the iConnect? If the iPad is on the same wi-fi network, it should appear in the Apple MIDI Setup and you can connect it that way.