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Check out BandHelper, now with lower prices

Started by arlo, April 12, 2015, 09:55:53 AM

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I've just rolled out some money-saving features to BandHelper, which makes this a great time to consider switching from Set List Maker:

Basic accounts: BandHelper accounts are now available in Basic or Pro levels. Basic accounts leave out the Schedule, Finance and Stage Plot modules, but include everything in Set List Maker plus a web interface for editing from your computer, and automatic syncing of documents and recordings to all your devices. Basic accounts are half the cost of Pro accounts.

Multiple projects in an account: If you play in multiple bands or want to keep some data separate for a solo project, you no longer need multiple BandHelper accounts. You can create as many projects as you need inside your account, and share songs and other data freely between projects.

Additional modules: Pro accounts just got access to a new Stage Plots module, and will gain another new module later this year, for no additional cost.

This chart compares Set List Maker to BandHelper Basic and BandHelper Pro:


Hey Arlo,

I use SLM. If I were to move to Bandhelper is there an easy way to export my SLM data to Bandhelper?



Yes, after you register for BandHelper, you can go to Account > Import in the web interface, and follow the instructions there to import your Set List Maker databases.