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Problems with iOS 2.3 / Android 1.3

Started by arlo, April 21, 2015, 08:45:32 AM

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iOS version 2.3 and Android version 1.3, both released nine days ago, added support for Basic vs. Pro accounts and for multiple projects within an account. Here are some problems I've seen with this release along with solutions and workarounds:

- App says a Pro account is required even if you have a pro account: This is caused by a previous version of the app not downloading your account info correctly. I've tweaked the sync service to push this missing info to all apps, so this should correct itself the next time you sync your device.

- App doesn't display existing songs or set lists, even though they display in the web interface: This is caused by the app not downloading the new project info that I've added to each account. If this happens to you, you can force it to download by tapping Settings > Account Sync > Reset Local Data.

- Songs or set lists added in the app do not display in the app or the web interface: This is caused by the app not assigning each new item to the default project as it should. This is fixed in Android version 1.3.1, which has already been released, and iOS version 2.3.1, which is in Apple's review queue. You can add items in Android 1.3.1 or the web interface, but you should not add items in the iOS app until iOS 2.3.1 is released. If you have already added items in Android 1.3 or iOS 2.3, you can contact me with your account name and I can correct those entries for you.


The iOS app version 2.3.1 has just been approved, and should be available for download in a few hours.


I've just cleaned up any items that were added from the iOS version 2.3 app and were not assigned to any project:

songs, set lists, MIDI presets, MIDI devices, events, transactions: I assigned these items to your default project, so they will now appear in the app and the web interface. If you had entered these items more than once, you can now delete the duplicate items.

tags, event categories, transaction categories, notes, custom fields, documents, recordings: I deleted these items. You can add them now again if needed.

Please be sure you have updated to the latest app version 2.3.1 before adding items from the iOS app.