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Share setlist & songs functionality

Started by lehik, February 05, 2020, 11:16:08 AM

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Two new features that I would like to see in the Share Set List and Share Songs functionality would be:
1. Share a PDF that has the Set List on first page and the Songs on following pages
2. Ability to give (optional) name to the PDF file that's being outputted, because many times changes might occur to the set list and sharing it every time with the same name in somewhat inconvenient.


1. You could do this in two steps by sharing the set list, then sharing the songs. Since each file has its own set of output options, I think it makes sense to keep them separate.

2. You can turn on the option to show the last updated date in the footer, then use that to compare versions.


1. Yes, but switching between two separate PDF files can be quite cumbersome on a mobile device. Could there be an option "include song index" which would generate the first page, if desired?

2. Please correct if I understood it wrong, but doesn't that include the dates for each individual song? It's a mess if I have to ask people to "use the version where the song #7 was updated on HH:MM:SS".

Main reason for feature request #2 is that whenever we have visiting musicians/singers, we usually give them a PDF exported from BandHelper. That means I might export two different versions of the same song list with different options. like:
"Set list 6.2.2020 - chords.pdf"
"Set list 6.2.2020 - lyrics.pdf"
Currently, the app would give me two files with names "Set list 6.2.2020.pdf" and "Set list 6.2.2020 1.pdf". If I share them directly to WhatsApp for example, I don't have a chance to rename the files, unless I first save them locally, rename and then share, which is another few extra steps in the process.

Please ask if there's any need to clarify. Thanks.


1. Adding a table of contents to the Share Songs output is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you. I think that would make more sense than combining the set list output with the song output.

2. The date updated in the footer of a set list indicates the last time the set list itself was updated, by adding, removing or rearranging songs. That addresses the original situation you described, where you're updating the set list and no longer need the earlier versions. For the situation of intentionally creating versions with different content for different people to use at the same time, it would make sense to enter a name when you save. A few apps prompt you to confirm or change the name when they receive a file and others let you rename the file after they save it. When downloading from the web, you can change the name after you download it. Entering a custom name after saving seems like about the same effort as entering a custom name before saving, but I can still put that on my wish list.


1. Sounds good. Thanks.

2. Thanks again. As I said, my typical use case is that I share the list directly from BandHelper to WhatsApp and that pretty efficiently rules out the chance of renaming the file, unless done "the longer way" I described. On desktop or laptop that's whole another case and renaming is quite fast and easy of course.


In the new app versions released today, the Share Songs page has a Table of Contents option: