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Searching large tablet for using SLM on stage (15 to 20 inch)

Started by Rolf, May 27, 2015, 12:06:56 PM

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I'm looking for a solution with running SLM on a big touch-display (large tablet). Using SLM on my iPad is ok, but my eyes/glasses are getting bad and so I like using SLM with a greater display diagonale.

I'm thinking of using an Android-Tablet with a large display, because Apple-devices (tablets) have a max of 10 inch.
Mirroring would not be the best solution, cause I don't like to use two devices on stage (one for touching, one for displaying).

I will use it layered on top of my keyboard on stage, so I will view it by using a low viewing angle from its bottom. Because of stage lighting, the device display should be non-glare/glossy.

Does anyone have experiences with XXL-Tablets on stage and can help me to choose the right one?

Rolf from Germany (sorry about my bad english)


I don't know if you are in a rush but Apple is reportedly planning an iPad "Pro" for this fall which is that kind of size. My personal experience with SLM on Android so far has been that is both less developed in features as well as less stable. Although I'm sure a different model might behave differently where stability is concerned (I use a Samsung Note 4 and an iPad 4).


Wow, great ideas.

Nabi looks nice (thin, robust) and really large enough (20 or 24 inch).
iPad Pro is announced to be 12,9 inch (13) - maybe this is enough. No,I'm not in rush - maybe I wait, good idea.

I found myself another one, which does'nt look nice and thin: Xoro MegaPad (13/18/21 inch available), cheaper than Nabi.

Thank you for your responses.