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Can't Delete First Set

Started by strat13pin, May 19, 2015, 07:25:58 PM

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I have a four-set "Show" in Set List Maker.  Decided to remove the first set from the Show.  But I can't see any option to do that, even after emptying Set 1 of all songs.  The ability to delete the other sets is there but not the first set.

I'm probably missing something; any suggestions appreciated.



You're not really adding and deleting sets, you're adding and deleting set breaks. The first row in the show is not a set break, it's the start of your show and you can't delete it.

If you now have the start of your show, followed immediately by a break, with no songs in between, you can just delete the break. In other words, delete the second row instead of the first row.


Works like a charm.  Many thanks.  I hadn't tried your suggestion as I thought it might remove the second set.  Now I can see your point, that it's really a case of adding and removing breaks.

Thanks again, Arlo!