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how to adjust line spacing in lyrics?

Started by Lexkam, July 13, 2017, 07:33:57 AM

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Due to the buggy previous Setlistmaker update I switched over to Bandhelper as a backup plan and give it a try, so I'm a newby on Bandhelper.

When I paste text (copy/paste from Google Docs) in the online Lyrics window, I end up getting a really wide line spacing in the (iOS) App which I don't want (I use the monospace font).
Is there a way to adjust the line spacing?, can't find anything on the forum about it


Can you post a screen shot showing the problem?


Here are two screenshots, one from GoogleDocs with single line space and a shot from Bandhelper online Lyrics window with the wide line spacing.
The wide line spacing is also showing in the Bandhelper App. The files I imported from Setlistmaker (in which i never had that problem) don't have it fortunately.

I tried to make a new song online in Bandhelper because I was hoping it would work faster than fiddling around on an iPad switching between apps.

Btw, thanks for quick reply!


Does the Google editor have a button that shows spaces, line breaks and paragraph breaks? If so, please click that and send another screen shot.


Looks like the returns on the end of the lines give a blank line between.
After downloading the file from Google as a .RTF and pasting it in the Lyric window gave the same result.
After converting it to plain text (.txt) and pasting it seems you loose the "in between" line.

Seems downloading it as .txt or converting to plain text is the answer or manually delete all the extra empty lines (time consuming), so no straight copy/paste from window to window.


Normally in a word processor a "return" (paragraph break) would have spacing built into it, and you would use a "shift return" (line break) if you don't want that space, like between the chord line and the lyric line. It sounds like your documents have the paragraph spacing removed and then use paragraph breaks after every line, and then the collapsed paragraph spacing turns back into the default spacing when pasting into BandHelper.

I don't think there's any good way for BandHelper to detect that, so you could either change the paragraph breaks to line breaks before copy/pasting, or after.

BTW, BandHelper enters line breaks instead of paragraph breaks when you press return, which is unlike word processors but matches the behavior of plain-text editing fields that are used throughout the app. I'll see if I can change all paragraph breaks to line breaks when pasting and that would solve the problem for people whose paragraphs have no spacing, although it would require people who do use paragraph spacing and a mix of line and paragraph breaks to enter a "return" after each paragraph.


The song edit page now has a Convert Paragraphs to Lines When Pasting option after the Lyrics field. If you want to copy and paste from a document that uses paragraph breaks with no spacing after every line of text, and two paragraph breaks between verses, you can turn this on before pasting to preserve the desired spacing. Although it appears after the Lyrics field, this setting applies to all the formatted text fields on the page.