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Android Version Now Available!

Started by arlo, October 02, 2014, 06:24:41 AM

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After working hard on it all summer, I've just released the initial Android version of Set List Maker. You can buy it now from the Google Play Store:

This version does not yet have all the functionality of Set List Maker for iOS, but this page shows what's available so far and what is still to come:

I have also begun to note any functionality differences throughout the website documentation.

If you try the Android version, please be kind and remember that this is only version 1.0. If the Android version finds an audience like the iOS version has, there will be many more updates to come.

I'll answer any questions about the Android version below.


Installed and about to try out :)
Glad it's finaly there !


I use Set List Maker on an iPad currently. If I have an Android tablet and purchase SLM for it, would I be able to use it as a backup device if something happens to my iPad? So can I sync from my iPad to my Android tablet?



Yes, the database sync feature works across the two platforms.


Installed it last week, loaded all my data and needed to use it this past weekend.  But when I tried using it w/ my Mixing Station app for the Behringer X32, Set List crashed and told me it was closing the app.  I rebooted my tablet and tried again a few times, but with the same result.  On it's own, works fine.  Any thoughts?  I'm hoping to try again this weekend?



Quote from: crooner99 on October 13, 2014, 07:52:24 PM
Installed it last week, loaded all my data and needed to use it this past weekend.  But when I tried using it w/ my Mixing Station app for the Behringer X32, Set List crashed and told me it was closing the app.

Please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support inside the app, and use the step-by-step portion of that message to explain exactly what actions triggered the crash.


can't find it in the Play Store. If I put the link you had above into a browser on my tablet, I get webpage not available. Searched the play store for "set list maker" "setlistmaker" and arlomedia. Nothing


The link works for me, as does a search for "set list maker" or "setlistmaker".

If you were entering the link manually, can you go to and then navigate to this thread and click the link above?

Also, what Android version is installed on your tablet? Set List Maker requires Android 4.0.3, and Google might hide it from you if you have an older version.


I'm trying to use an old Toshiba Thrive that I have. It's running android 4.04. If I browse to the forum and click the link, I get the option to buy, but at the purchase screen, it only shows my Samsung Galaxy Phone listed under "Choose a Device". So I'm guessing that your app is not compatible with the Thrive?


The app includes the following hardware requirements ... I assume any Android tablet with the required OS version would support these, but maybe something is disabled or not available on your tablet. Does it include a memory card that apps can write to (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)?

- used for MIDI and/or database sync features

- used to access document and recording files

- used to save crash logs and compose the support request email

- used by the telephone number shortcut button, but not required

- used to thwart piracy

- used for in-app purchases


ok, I restored my Thrive back to factory defaults and it let me download and install Set List Maker. I created a new blank database and I then purchased the Database Sync option (it crashed, but went back in and it seemed to have added it)and tried to sync and get - Connection Error - We were not able to update your database from the sync service (212). Any ideas?



update - I went ahead and purchased the Midi option (it crashed also) But when I restarted SLM and then tried the database sync again, it worked.
If I look under Midi Devices, it imported my device, but it crashes when I select it. Getting there.

I don't see the option to select a different color for chords. Will that be added?


If you see a crash that is reproducible, please send a message from Help > Request Tech Support and answer the questions there.

Text formatting will be coming in a future release:


I just submitted version 1.0.1, with several bug fixes. It takes about 12 hours for new versions to appear on the Google Play store:


I was just looking at the Android download button...

...and noticed how it starts with "Get It On." Is Google trying to say that its app store is sexier than Apple's?