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Removing the pagination buttons in the Perform window?

Started by arlo, October 17, 2013, 08:22:42 PM

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Should I remove the pagination buttons in the Perform window?

Sure, I wouldn't miss them.
I use them but don't need them.
I rely on them.


When you view a multi-page document in the Perform window, a button for each page appears in the vertical toolbar allowing you to jump to any page. However, these take a lot of space that could be used by other new features. They are also error-prone and require a lot of programming time to keep working correctly. What would you think if I removed those in a future version to make room for other features?


So long as the lyrics scrolling feature remained, no need for the pagination buttons.


I don't use the pagination, so making room for more features would be great.



It's easier to just flick the screen up, than to try n' hit the little button, anyway.
Jim in Ohio


Agreed... Seems redundant as long as auto scroll remains intact.  I suppose it might be useful in "Document" view mode as docs may contain multi-pages of songs but in Perform mode it isn't really needed for an individual song.


I left these out when I updated the app design in version 4.0, and then of course I heard from all the people who really like them. So I added them back in version 4.1. They do not appear by default, but you can add them to a song layout by editing the layout and selecting Page Buttons. You can then resize the button area to lay out the buttons vertically or horizontally.