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Title: Fractal Audio AXE FX - Set Tempo BPM using MIDI (not MIDI Clock)
Post by: Zionplayer on July 04, 2019, 05:01:07 PM
As a MIDI noob, I didn't undertake this until recently.  Works like a charm: surprised!

I am now setting the TEMPO on my Axe FXIII by sending RAW MIDI from Bandhelper.  Maybe there is an easier way, but I have created Midi Presets for Tempos that we use, and add the proper MIDI Preset to each song

Example: my midi preset file named 'TEMPO120' has this in the RAW MIDI (HEX Code) box:
F0 00 01 74 10 14 78 00 79 F7

where F0 00 01 74 10 is the Fractal Audio company code
14 is the cc I want
78 00 sets value at 120 bpm
79 is the XOR checksum

Works great! BTW - had to leave the RAW MIDI DEVICE pulldown as undefined - just didn't work for me. YMMV...