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Event/venue database

Started by waxout, September 14, 2014, 09:51:45 PM

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For all us hometown heroes... it would be nice if we have a event/venue database (places we play regularly)  so we could create an event at "AJ's"  and it would autofill the static info  ie contact name, email, phone   note's (the bartender's are fussy)  etc etc  just a thought.

(I'm the guy having trouble with getting email notices.... this app is soo good apparently I'm going to have to get a new email address!)   :D


Okay, I'll put this on my wish list and let you know if I can work it in.


BandHelper is getting a new Contacts module for the new year:,1171.0.html

This includes notes, documents and custom fields for each contact, and you can attach contacts to events rather than retyping the address, phone number, etc. You can also track your past interactions with a contact, like "dropped off demo" or "left message for booker."