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Custom layouts - splitting lyrics and chords

Started by Ashman, July 26, 2014, 11:33:32 AM

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Firstly, this is a fantastic app and (with the help of I have recently hooked it up to my GR55 guitar synth, making patch change a breeze. :)

Secondly, I have been looking at the new custom layouts.  For songs that have both text for the lyrics and chords the Document Viewer always displays both.  Is there a way to separate the lyrics and chords in a custom layout so that I can have a layout for chords only (since I don't sing!) and a layout for lyrics only (for other band members)?

It's not a deal breaker.  I just want to know before I start adding chords to other songs.


There is not an option for this, sorry. But it's on my wish list and I've added a vote for you.

One workaround is to disable Settings > Database Sync > Lyrics Font Sizes on all your band's devices, then band members who just want to see chords can resize the chords very large and resize the lyrics very small, and vice versa for band members who just want to see lyrics. You would still see the other text, but it would take up minimal space in your layout.

A further option would be to disable Settings > Database Sync > Lyrics, then band members who just want to see chords can only enter chords and band members who just want to see lyrics can only enter lyrics, and these won't sync to other devices. However, this means that each band member who wants to see lyrics would have to enter their own lyrics, since they wouldn't sync to other devices.


I tend to be the one updating the band database so getting each member to add their own lyrics is probably a non-starter!

Let's just hope this feature gets the votes to make it to the top of your "to-do" list.  Nevertheless it's  still a great app.


Set List Maker 4.2, which adds a divider between the chords and lyrics, was released today:

You can tap the divider to hide the chords, or tap it again to show them.

Additional info about the new version is here:,1051.0.html