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Setlist date and times

Started by jimmyking, October 08, 2015, 07:22:50 AM

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In Setlist Maker we could set the dates and times for setlist - in Band Helper Repertoire are we able to do this? 


In BandHelper, this is part of the Events module, which is only available in Pro accounts. I intend to offer a workaround for Basic accounts, but I haven't had a chance to figure something out yet.


That would be nice, its pretty vital information.   Hard to keep organized when you play the same venues on a regular basis.


Yes; a temporary workaround would be adding the date to your set list name, like "2015-10-08 Radio Bar."


+1 on just a simple date editor.
the set lists i upgraded from set list maker have a date and time attribute that are visible in my set list list.  So i'd say if you could simply edit the date of a setlist in the setlist details, and leave the additional features of schedule for the pro account?



I've just updated this so if you have a Basic account, the date, start time and end time fields appear directly on the set list edit page instead of an event link. Editing these fields creates an event in the background, so if you ever upgrade to a Pro account, the full Schedule functionality will work correctly.

This is available in the web interface now, and will be available in the iOS app version I submitted to Apple today and the Android app version I plan to submit on Sunday.