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Linking SLM to the Pod HD500 using iPad and/or iPone 5

Started by SLM-user, December 07, 2015, 02:46:15 PM

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Hello everyone, this is my first post to the forum.  :D
I am having problems sending midi from set list manager to the HD500 and wondering if someone here has the same pedalboard, and what connection are you using.

Currently I use a standard USB to MIDI connected to a 3 in 1 camera connection kit for the iPad, both purchased from eBay.

The midi cable works fine when used in Reaper (DAW) but I can't see any life when activating the MIDI LEARN button within SLM.  The camera connection kit seems to be working with the iPad too.

My aim is to let SLM change the presets and effects on the HD500
Your help and suggestions is appreciated.


Does your USB to MIDI cable have any electronics in it, or is it just a cable? I think you will need an actual MIDI interface (either a standalone box, or a cable with a little converter box built into it). Some recommendations are on this page:


I have that same cable; it works, but is not super reliable.

I have not used it between a tablet and a guitar processor, though; only between a tablet and a computer. So that might be a limitation.

In any case, if you enter some MIDI data into Set List Maker (just do it manually; using MIDI Learn adds too many variables during troubleshooting) and send it, does the light on the MIDI cable blink?


Tried your suggestion but the midi LEDs never lit up.  I re-checked the midi channel number and it  matched the POD HD500 end.  Re-checked the midi cable by using it with Reaper, on the PC and it worked OK. 

Checked the 3 in 1 camera connection kit with the iPad, by connecting a USB microphone to it and recording within GarageBand, that too was OK.
Then I checked the port setting in the Midi Devices in SLM and it gives the option of ALL. Or NETWORK 1.  There is no mention of USB there.

Any suggestion?  Also, I checked out the wireless Midi PUC interface as described on your website.  Some feedbacks mention the fact that the wireless connection can be unreliable.  I would like feedback from this forum on the above.  I guess the alternative is to get the iRig MIDI II.


The fact that Arlo has stated that he has the same cable, and that it is "not super reliable"...tells me that you should go with something like the iRig MIDI II.

I've been using the iRig MIDI (original) and have had no problems at all.


Thanks for your input, Pongo.
Ideally, it would be nice to have a wireless setup but reliability is a necessity.

How long is the cable that connects to the iPhone/iPad?



Tried your suggestion but the midi LEDs never lit up.

Let's focus on that piece. After sending MIDI from the app and seeing that the light on the cable doesn't blink, please tap the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and look at the Activity Log. Do you see that your data was sent?

If so, look at the Connected Ports in that window. What do you see there?


- MIDI started
- added port Set List Maker for output
- added port Set List Maker for input
- added port Network Session 1 for input
- added port Network Session 1 for output
- sending data [BF, 00, 00, BF, 20, 40, CF, 7F] to all ports


Okay, the iPad is not recognizing the MIDI interface (your cable with the included MIDI converter box). Does its power light turn on (steady red) when connected to the iPad? If you tap the button at the bottom of the MIDI Status window to stop and then start the MIDI engine again, does the USB interface eventually appear in the Connected Ports list?


With midi cables connected only to the HD500, the red (power) light is steady ON. The other end is unplugged from the iPad.

Connecting it to the iPad, the red light on the midi cable gets even brighter, and steady.

On stopping the midi running within SLM and then restarting it, it does not show USB input.


Okay, if the USB interface doesn't appear in the list of Connected Ports, then it's not going to work. I don't know  why it's not appearing for you. I seem to have the same cable as you, but I've seen it sold in lots of different places and it doesn't have a brand name on it, so there could be variations from one seller to another.

I would suggest buying a name-brand MIDI interface like the iRig MIDI 2 recommended above, from a seller that will let you return it if that doesn't work either. But it should just work without any special effort. I'm afraid the cable you have is simply too cheap to work reliably.


Fair enough, Arlo, I will have to try plan B.  :D

Thanks for your help.