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Learning to Use Remote Control on BH

Started by tonygardner, December 07, 2015, 09:33:43 PM

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Hey Guys.

I've started learning how to use the Remote Control feature in BH, and was hoping to get a little help.

My goal is to figure out how to get the MMC (transport control) buttons on my MIDI controller to be recognized by BH. It seems to me these would be a natural fit for controlling recordings, or even just have Rewind (<<) make it go to the previous song, etc. I suppose I could reassign it to a note, but that would kind of defeat the purpose (not to mention play a strange note). Also, if someone could tell me what the General Purpose 1-4 buttons are, and what BH might be looking for to trigger these, that would be awesome.



BandHelper doesn't support incoming MMC (it can send MMC from the Raw MIDI field). Instead, you can configure BandHelper to start and stop recordings using standard MIDI Start and Stop messages. You can also use a variety of other standard MIDI messages to start and stop recordings, change songs, or lots of other things. If you go to Settings > Remote Control in the app and tap one of the MIDI Controller Messages or MIDI Note Messages, you will see a list of all the actions that you can remote control.

General Purpose Buttons 1-4 are MIDI controller numbers 80-83. The idea of these in the MIDI spec is that hardware could have some buttons with no predetermined function that users could assign to any function.


Thanks so much, Arlo. As always, your dedication to excellence continues to amaze me.