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Best Way to Handle Songs with Multiple PDFs (Same Song, Different Keys)

Started by tonygardner, June 16, 2016, 02:30:23 PM

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Hi There.
I've been building my list of songs and finding that I get a lot of cases where I have the same song, but in a different key.
All my songs use PDF documents, and these will get made in whatever keys are needed over the passage of time.
I understand that you can assign more than one document for a song, and if I can put a specific doc (key) in a given set list, that would be okay.
As with most gigs, any amount of time greater than one second playing with my iPad is TOO MUCH. So, I endeavor to set it all up in advance so everything happens in one swipe (or MIDI controller click). Serious hats off to BH for helping me to accomplish that!
Right now, I'm creating a unique song for each key, but thought maybe i should ask to see if anyone has a better idea.
One idea that comes to mind would be an enhancement to BH, so songs could be "nested". Then, when I go to add a song with that has more than one key, it would just ask which key I want when adding it to the set list.
Just "brainstorming" I guess!


I would avoid adding duplicate songs for the different keys. If you don't mind doing some setup before the show, you can edit the songs to rearrange the documents and make the desired document the default (the first in the list) and change the value of the Key field if you want.

BTW, depending on the complexity of your documents, you could copy your chords and lyrics into the built-in song fields and then you could transpose in the app rather than maintaining separate versions of your documents.


Thanks Arlo. LOL You probably forgot that I'm the guy who tried pitching you software for creating Ultimate Good Looking Charts.  8)

Seriously, I will use the solution of putting the desired key on the top of the list. You made that easy to do.