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BandHelper 3.0 / Set List Maker 5.0

Started by arlo, June 15, 2016, 11:45:59 AM

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Hi Arlo,

running SLM 5.0.1 on my iPad4. Thanks for the updated layout functions, they're definitely a major step ahead.

One thing which irritates me: after selecting a smart list, I have to select a layout and only now I can select a song from that list. I would like to skip the layout selection click. I select my songs on stage from smart lists and would prefer not to have to click a layout. Anyway, I'm only using one.
Is there any way to skip the layout selection when working with smart lists?



Is there any way to skip the layout selection when working with smart lists?

No, because the smart list edit and share functions are also in that menu. This is a trade-off for making the layout and smart list editing functionality easier to find and cleaning up the set list view, where those functions used to be located.


Hi Arlo,
Is there anyway to add a setting in general settings that would allow the user to choose the older method of choosing the layout (with the layouts button as in previous versions?).
I find that choosing the layout every time I go into a particular show is cumbersome. I much prefer hard setting the layout overall from a button at the top of my screen as before.

Still loving Setlist Maker though! Just constructive criticism.

Jim P.


No, it would be far too complicated to keep two different styles of navigation in the app.