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Recordings attached to songs -- when you have limited space on i-Devices

Started by Erawal, September 25, 2016, 04:50:38 PM

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Yesterday's release adds a "smaller than" option to the Settings > Account Sync page, which lets you auto-download smaller files (documents) while waiting on larger files (recordings) until you request one.

It also adds a Remove Downloaded File button to the document and recording edit pages to remove individual files that have been downloaded.

All yesterday's changes are listed here:


Arlo, thanks, this sounds like it may help address the issue I mentioned previously in this thread.  (As I had mentioned, my iphone has very little space, so I'd like to be able to download a recording for a song only when I need it, and then remove the recording from my iphone after I've listened to the recording so I can reclaim the space (but I'd like the removal from my iphone to NOT also remove the recording from my iPad, which has more space).   

I am having trouble figuring out how to take advantage of the new capability, though.   When I am in a setlist, how would I know that a song on the setlist has an associated recording available for download? And then, again, when I am in the song, how would I delete the recording from the device but maintain the info that there is a recording associated with that song available for download? 

I'm playing around with the features, but can't seem to figure this out.  Sorry if I'm missing something.  Thanks!


There's no indication of what recordings are available for download versus already downloaded. But you can just click the recording button when you want to hear a recording, and if it's not already downloaded, it will offer to download it at that point.

If you want to remove a recording from the set list view, you could click the song edit button in the bottom toolbar, then scroll down to the Recordings section and click the recording name, then click the Remove Downloaded File button. That won't affect anything other than removing the file from that one device.