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Sending Audio to musicIO App

Started by tonygardner, December 06, 2016, 10:04:28 PM

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I've been using a pretty cool app from Audionic/Confusion Studios/Secret Base Design called "musicIO" to directly connect my iPad via USB to my MacBook Pro. This is great because it eliminates the need for a hardware based device to get BandHelper to talk MIDI to and from my various devices.

The app also has the capability to process AUDIO from the same connection, and should be able to play audio from BandHelper. In Settings > Audio & MIDI, I set Recording 1 Output Channel L/R to "USB IDAM" which is what shows up when you connect it to the app.

Also, on my MacBook Pro I went to Audio MIDI Setup and added my iPad as an Output device.

Not sure what else I might be missing, so if anyone else out there has successfully been using musicIO, please send me any thoughts you might have regarding getting BandHelper setup for audio.



What specifically are you trying to do and what problem you are experiencing?


Thanks for the reply, Arlo. I'm really just trying to find someone else who is using or has used the musicIO app with BandHelper / SLM.

I suppose if you take that out of the equation, I'm really just trying to learn how to get BH to route audio to my MacBook Pro or other external device.

I also own a Presonus AudioBox iTwo, and it can do what I need, but it can be kind of flaky in terms of getting a successful connection.

I also own a Griffin StudioConnect which also works, but the jury's still out on that one.

Tony G.