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Unable to Launch BH When Connected via QuickTime

Started by tonygardner, April 12, 2017, 10:39:57 PM

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Hi Everyone.

I've been wanting to display the output from my iPad on an external monitor. I've done this in the past by connecting a standard Lightning to HDMI adapter, and it works great when you want to do this, but my request is a little different...

Basically, I'm wanting the output to be enclosed in its own resizable/moveable window on the desktop. Without spending $$$ on extra apps, I found a cool method which requires that you connect the iPad to the Mac via lightning connector, then simply run QuickTime and do a "New Movie Recording" and simply selecting the iPad as the source. This actually works beautifully for every app I've tried except for BandHelper. In fact, if I disconnect the lightning connector, I can start BH just fine, but as soon as I re-connect it, BH crashes. Likewise, I am able to have the lightning connector connected, and use BH just fine until I launch QuickTime, at which time BH crashes.

Any thoughts on what might be going on would be very much appreciated!

Tony G.


That's how I make the app demo videos, so I'm not aware of any problems there.

You said you didn't want to use another paid app, but Reflector is specifically designed for what you want to do, and has a free trial:

In any case, to troubleshoot the crash, please submit a help ticket: