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Setlist maker stops abruptly

Started by Kiff, May 23, 2017, 09:49:03 PM

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Last week after the last update my ipad setlist maker app just stopped and went back to my home screen in the middle of a song.
But last night this happened 4 times during my first two sets which was very embarrassing as i was left hanging with people on the dance floor.
I use an ipad pro with the latest updates and this is linked by a lightning cable to an Apogee Duet and then to the mixer.
It could be the cable, so have ordered a new one, but has anyone else had this experience?
Makes me a bit scared to gig.



The best thing to do in case of a crash is to submit a help ticket, then send the troubleshooting info from your device to that ticket:


Ok I think this has turned out to be a dodgy lead between my ipad and my Apogee Duet.
Got a new lead and have now done a few gigs wirhout incident.