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Line Spacing

Started by wakevortex, August 05, 2017, 02:50:05 AM

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Im having an issue where blank lines are added when pasting to the program ...example

            G                     Bm/F#
When i was young I'd listen to the radio
        Em                   Em/D
Waiting for my favorite songs

........ends up looking like this when pasted

           G                     Bm/F#

When i was young I'd listen to the radio

        Em                   Em/D

Waiting for my favorite songs

As you can see blank lines are added by band helper
Is this a feature I can turn off or a formatting issue?

thanks !

Bill Padley


Are you pasting into the iOS app, the Android app or the website?

And what is the source that you're copying from?


Im sourcing from all my previous lyrics which are all on RTF documents
then pasting into the website

seems I have the same issue as here...will experiment with that solution,1665.0.html


B Padley


that solution doesn't seem to help for me.
Saving as .txt (in text edit OS X)  all looks well until I paste into bandhelper then I get no line breaks at all ..
everything runs on as one continuous line

any ideas?


I'll try copying from .txt and .rtf files and see what happens.


I tried copying and pasting from an RTF file in TextEdit and there was no problem with the line breaks. I also tried copying and pasting from TXT files in BBEdit, with either Unix, Mac or Windows line endings, and those all worked well, too. The only time I saw a problem was when converting an RTF to a plain-text file in TextEdit, then the line breaks were lost. But there should be no need to do that.

Can you attach one of the RTF files you're copying and pasting from?