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Migration to Bandhelper - documents within Setlistmaker

Started by Chris, July 31, 2017, 01:20:30 AM

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Dear Arlo,
checked but did not find anything proper in the forums nor in the FAQs.
I am currently migrating all my bandmembers to Bandhelper and therefore have uploaded their PDFs to the website. I have also connected the according user to the documents he needs to display but now I am wondering on the following:

As they still have the PDFs stored on their device which were used in Setlistmaker, will these again have to be downloaded within Bandhelper to be available or will Bandhelper find the documents without an additional download as they are already present from Setlistmaker?
This of course implies that the file-names have not changed since then.

Best regards,


iOS apps can't read data in other apps, so BandHelper will have to download its own version of the documents. If you are assigning documents to specific users, it will only download the documents that each user should see.


Got it and already used the specific assignments to assure each band member will only get his documents downloaded.
Thanks! :)

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