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Author Topic: Sending MIDI Presets to CP33 as controller kybd, changing patches on MX49 slave  (Read 1434 times)


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Hi, Arlo.

I can successfully change patches on my Yamaha MX49 with Set List Maker, using the iRig MIDI 2 interface, as long as no other keyboard is in between them.

My setup:
iPad Air 2 with latest IOS update, running the latest version of Set List Maker.
I'm using the lightning connector out of the iPad into the iRig MIDI 2 interface.
From the iRig 2, I'm using a MIDI cable to the IN on a Yamaha CP33.
From the CP33 MIDI OUT, i'm connecting to the MIDI IN of a Yamaha MX49.

Both MIDI cables work.
The iRig is receiving patch changes from Set List Maker.  I can connect it directly to the MX49 and change MIDI Presets.
Both keyboards are set to MIDI channel 1
I can play the CP33 and hear the MX49 -- MIDI is transmitting from keyboard to keyboard.

But Set List Maker's MIDI Presets aren't getting to the MX49 with the CP33 in between them.

I've read the CP33 manual and tried adjusting every MIDI setting I could find.
The CP33 doesn't have a MIDI THRU port.
This setup worked with a different keyboard in the middle, which I don't own and no longer have access to.

Any ideas?


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MIDI Out only sends MIDI generated by that device. To pass MIDI from an earlier device in the chain, you either need a physical MIDI Thru port, or a setting inside that device that copies incoming MIDI to the Out port.

If your device has neither of those, you'd need either a MIDI splitter after the iRig, or a multiple-port MIDI interface instead of the iRig, so you can connect your keyboards in parallel instead of in a series.