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For the Suggestion Box: Song Search, Lyric Entry

Started by DaveCarusoMusic, August 14, 2017, 09:52:18 AM

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Hi, Arlo!  Here are two ideas for your suggestion box that would be very helpful.

1) In the Lyric entry field, enable standard key combinations for bold, underline, & italic.  On my Apple Magic keyboard with IOS, that would be <Command><b>, <Command><u> and <Command><i>.  Windows keyboards use <Ctrl> instead of <Command>.  Funny enough, the Select All, Cut, Copy and Paste commands all work here, but the underline, italic and bold do not.  Is this something you could change?

2) When searching for songs to add to a set list, it would be great to have more search options than just song titles.  For instance, if we could search by artist, or make a set list of only original songs.  This could be accomplished with "search by tag," for instance.



1) That's a good idea; I'll put that on my to do list.

2) You should be able to search for anything within the song record, including artist or tags. You can also sort by any field to access the songs that way.