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Can't add some buttons to a new layout

Started by Graeme Hague, May 12, 2018, 05:35:17 PM

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Graeme Hague

Hey everyone, talking iPad iOS here. I'm creating a new layout and there are a couple of buttons I can't find in the menus to Add.
The Autoscroll Button— even though this still exists in my older layouts, I can't find it as an option to add it to my new layout. I've discovered the "Action" to begin auto-scroll (two-finger tap) but the old auto-scroll button shows a count-down that confirms you've started scrolling. The two-finger tap (if you have a pre-roll time) doesn't actually show that you've successfully triggered the scroll. If there's a Field I can add to do this, that'd be great.

Song Edit Button— How do I add the Song Edit Button to my new layout page? As we learn the songs I'm often tweaking the lyrics, chords, etc., and at the moment I have to cycle back through the app to edit the song. In older layouts I have a Button at the bottom as a shortcut.



The Document Button is what controls auto-scrolling.

The song edit button is part of the bottom toolbar. To make the bottom toolbar visible, you can add any text field to it.


In the new app version released today, the process for adding the song edit button is easier: you can go to Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details and turn on Bottom Toolbar Buttons > Edit Song. This will make the bottom toolbar appear in your layout, so you might then need to go to Edit Layout to adjust the other items to make room for it. You can place other items on top of it if you want, or select one of the text field placeholders to show some text in the toolbar.