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Layout for landscape mode

Started by billrow, August 07, 2018, 10:48:50 AM

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I have created a new layout that I want to try using in landscape mode, in order to see the chart document with plenty of screen width, and still have the song list visible. I have it set up like I want, but when I have the iPad in landscape orientation, and select the set list I want to use, my new layout doesn't show up in the list to choose from. If I rotate the iPad, I then see it in the list, can select it, rotate back to landscape, and it looks fine. Not a "showstopper", but just a bit of a pain, as I attach my iPad to mic stand, so have to remember to do all of this before I fasten it up in landscape setup. I read a couple of other posts about layouts, but couldn't seem to spot an answer. I guess it remembers the most recently used layouts in each mode to display? But it never seems to show my new layout in landscape mode. Thanks for any help!


It sounds like you created your layout while holding your device in portrait orientation. That saves it as a portrait layout. To create a landscape layout, you'll have to go to Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details and click the copy button while in landscape orientation. Then the new copy will be a landscape layout.

In other words, you should hold your device in portrait orientation to create a portrait layout and hold it in landscape orientation to create a landscape layout.


As an addition to what arlo said:
I have just encountered a situation with my iPad 2018 lately in which it would not simply switch orientation... neither for Bandhelper nor any other app.
This prevented me from using or creating landscape-mode-layouts.

Restarting the iPad did the trick though.


Arlo- thanks for the insight about landscape layouts. I got mine working.