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Setlist - Event relation

Started by pheldal, December 04, 2017, 12:25:27 AM

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I'm confused as to how the relation between setlists and events is handled.

A setlist that is assigned to 3 events in the web-interface show repeated 3 times in the app like in the web-interface, but the event-list appear empty in setlist detail in the app. The web-interface otoh is fairly clear in indicating that the 3 instances of a setlist are in fact the same .  Events that then are added again in to the setlist in the app still do not appear as related in the app, and end up being listed multiple times in the web-interface.

It would be understandable if copies of setlists were stored in relation to past events for setlists that are edited along a series of concerts, but the relation between the current setlist and current+upcoming events could be clearer.

Btw, this is happening on a basic account. I don't know if that affect setlist/event relations, but despite not having the full scheduler, the app still depends on setlist/event relations to be able to present setlists in the correct order.


Basic accounts don't support assigning the same set list to multiple events, and shouldn't show an event list on the set list details page. This could get mixed up if you're switching between Pro and Basic accounts. If this doesn't explain what you're seeing, please submit a help ticket with specific examples from your account:


I do have a mix of basic and pro accounts. Do you mean that the neither the app nor the web-interface is meant to be able to handle a mix of both types of accounts, or is it just that the current implementation doesn't differentiate account-types as clearly as it should?


A mix of Basic and Pro accounts is fine, but if you're changing an account from Basic to Pro and back again, that could cause the kind of inconsistent display you're seeing.

I can comment more specifically if you submit a help ticket and include an example of the problem:


Hi arlo,

sorry for bringing this topic back up but I am seeing a similar behavior since I switched from "Pro" to "Plus".
One of my users is not having the ability to change an event of a setlist while I am able to.

Should I submit an according ticket?



Yes, and please send the troubleshooting info from the user's device that is having the problem.