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Event details to be shown in calendar feed

Started by Chris, July 13, 2019, 02:09:32 AM

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Hi arlo,

not sure if this was already covered but I could not find it on the forums:

Currently, the details published in the calendar feed only show

- projects the event is available in
- public or not
- project name.

Is there a way to show all additional information, especially the user fields, in the notes-section of the calendar app as well?
I appreciate that one can find all info by simply opening Bandhelper but the overview in ical would also be helpful.

Regards, Chris


The iCal feed includes the event name, start and end date and time, project, category, users and the address of the first attached contact. Adding the custom fields is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you. Those would have to go into the Notes field along with the project, category, users and address and I don't know how messy that would get.


Hi arlo,

thanks for adding my vote. To prevent the details from getting out of hand, it might be an option to simply add the name of the custom field followed by ": " to keep the overview.