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Trying to get BH to receive MIDI for song selection.

Started by mhadjoglou, August 04, 2021, 01:56:23 PM

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Hi all! Newcomer to the forum, but a long time SLM and BH user here.

In short, I have a fairly complicated setup involving Ableton Live, BH, and an RJM Mastermind GT to control everything in real time.

I'm looking to have BH receive some sort of MIDI command to select songs on the fly, so that BH can then shoot MIDI info out to Ableton to setup backing tracks.

I realize BH is capable of receiving Song Select data, but neither Ableton Live nor my Mastermind is capable of those types of messages. Is there a way to setup CC or PC commands to be accepted by BH? I have played around with a few options in Remote Control with minimal success.

Thanks so much!