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Rename the Set List View

Started by arlo, August 06, 2021, 03:32:16 PM

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What should I call the "set list view"?

That name is fine; no need to change
34 (68%)
"Performance view" makes more sense and logically includes rehearsing
14 (28%)
I have a better idea (add comments below)
2 (4%)

Total Members Voted: 50


This has bugged me since BandHelper gained the ability to have multiple layouts years ago. What is the screen called when you're viewing and interacting with a set list? Some people call it the "performance mode," but I don't because it could also be used for rehearsing. From my perspective, pages can be in "view" or "edit" mode, so I call this the "set list view." But that's awkward and unintuitive, especially since it is one of the few pages in the app that actually has a view mode (unless you're a read-only user). And, confusingly, it is also used for smart lists.

Maybe it should be called the "perform(ance) view" after all, if most people will understand that you would also use that while practicing. But I'm afraid it would get confusing when I try explaining to people that they can set up a different layout for practicing -- "to practice, go to the perform view." I need a name that's an umbrella term for all the potential layout names, or for all the things you could do in that part of the app.

It would be nice if I only ever needed to say "open a set list" or "view a set list," but ultimately I can't avoid the need to give this a good name.

Do you have a better idea?



Quote from: Cooldog on August 17, 2021, 04:35:30 PM
Call it the "Play View"

Or the "play page" or "play screen." "Play page" sounds clunkier, but I have standardized on saying "page" instead of "screen," I guess because I've done so much web work in the past and BandHelper includes a web interface.

"Play place"  :D  and then layouts could be renamed to "Playouts"  ;D Okay, no.


IMO, I still think "performance mode" is a valid solution. A performance can either be in front of an audience or the practice for it.
I doubt that this would trigger confusion (as the app will surely not summon an audience in ones bedroom or practice room  ;D


Performance view makes sense - that's the end goal of rehearsal anyway. I'd use "rehearse" rather than "practice" in documentation. You can explain that you can have multiple layouts for the performance view, for actual performance, and for rehearing, if you need something different for the latter.

It's all in how you word stuff. "to practice, go to the perform view" isn't a good way to put it. "When rehearsing, go to the Performance View and select the Layout you want to use for rehearsing." Something like that.


I like performance view, but I'm OK as is.
Thanks for asking and for all the hard work!


Performance mode with folders would make sense. Or setlists organized in folders. Often, my different bands/singers have their setlists, which I would like to separate into folders. Or simply sort setlists by weddings or birthday parties. Usually, over time, you end up with about 30-50 setlists for different occasions or different bands, and therefore it would be good if you could sort the setlists into folders, or also have a performance mode, where I have a live setlist into which band members can add the next songs.


If you're managing multiple bands, you set them up as separate projects within your account:


But I have also written about various different shows, birthdays, weddings, winter shows, summer shows, 18 birthday parties, 50 birthday parties. And I'm talking about a single band here. The setlists get confusing at some point. That's why folders for setlists would be good.


You should be setting dates for those event-specific set lists (in a Basic account) or attaching them to events (in a Plus or Pro account) and then older set lists will move to the bottom of the list. To discuss further, please start a separate thread since this isn't related to the topic of this thread.


I think performance view is a totally valid title. A lot of other music software would use similar nomenclature and I don't think the user would think that they couldn't use it for practice.

Another way to think about is to ask your self what would a "practice" view be? I can't see how it would be different from "performance".


I'm very happy with the current name but since you ask...

There's nothing wrong with Performance View when rehearsing because a rehearsal is intended to be specifically for a performance.
Practice is a little further from that because you might practice some songs more than others; some in part only; and others not at all.  However, in reality, many of us will use the exact same list for practice but with different backing tracks if those are used.

Playtime - haha maybe not ... Showtime

Not a lot of votes, out of 13,350 reads suggests lots of people are pretty happy as it is.