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Connecting "Stage Plot-items" to specific musician

Started by Chris, August 15, 2022, 11:29:11 AM

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Dear arlo,

first of all I need to point out that I am currently not using the Pro-feature as the Plus is sufficient for me. I talked to our sound tech the other day who has Pro activated concerning intensifying usage of the stage plot-module.

Main problem we see is that our band has a lot of subs who have different requirements. Some play with In-Ear, others don't. Some need a mic for picking up the amp, others use a DI-box or direct output from the amp going directly to the stage box.

Of course we could create one stage plot for each combination but basically, the possibilities are endless do to the amount of subs and band members.

We thought about an option that allows to set some sort of "musician placeholder" that can then be added by selection from the menu.
Doing so should then automatically add all relevant icons and information connected to this musician.

Is there already an according option available?

Regards, Chris


You can select items from a stage plot and copy and paste them to another stage plot. So you could set up a "library" stage plot that contains the setups of each of your subs, and then when needed you could make a copy of your main stage plot, remove the items for the missing member and copy/paste the items for the sub.


Hi arlo,
understood, thanks for the quick reply. We will give it a try and I might come back to this topic later on if needed.

Cheers, Chris