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Soundbrenner Pulse integration

Started by perjohan, May 07, 2023, 02:12:02 AM

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Just got my new Soundbrenner Pulse, and I want to integrate it with BandHelper (on song selection I want to set the tempo and start the metronome).
It seems very difficult?!?
I've setup BH to send MIDI Beat Clock, and the Soundbrenner is in some way connected since I can select it in the "send beat clock to port".
In the soundbrenner app it's connected in the MIDI Settings (and I've marked the EXT).
What's missing? Do I need to setup an Ableton Link?
Do I need to add the Soundbrenner as an MIDI device in BH?

Happy if someone can guide me how to make this work.


It sounds like you followed the steps here, is that right?,1875.msg10742.html#msg10742

You don't need to use Ableton Link and you don't need to add the SoundBrenner as a MIDI device.

I haven't looked at this in a long time, but I'll get my SoundBrenner out and try it again if you're still having trouble.


Yes, I've tried to read everything I can find :-)

I really appreciate all help I can get, I'm still struggling :-)

Thank You!