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Can I share my schedule with separate account?

Started by swiftdrums, April 24, 2023, 02:58:26 PM

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I'm in 2 bands, each with their own separate BH account.   I have all my vacation entered with one band.  Can I export same data to other band? Likewise, can I export all rehearsals and gigs from one band to show up as "unavailable/vacation in the other band? For bonus points, it would be great if this could happen automatically! If it make any difference, I am admin for both bands...


There is no automatic sharing of data between accounts. However, if you are the administrator of both accounts, you could combine them into one account with two projects and then you can assign your "unavailable" events to both projects. That will probably also be cheaper than two accounts.  8)

Even then, a gig or rehearsal event in one project will not automatically create an "unavailable" event in the other project. That's on my wish list, but I think it would be less useful than the existing function to show all the events for all projects on the calendar at the same time using the Include All Projects filter.


I understand there is no automatic sharing between accounts.
Can I do an export & import of data from one into another for instance, songs that I have put lyrics in, made notes on?
Also, if there is a way to export the unavailable dates from ane band and import to another?


You can copy individual songs from one account to another using the copy button on the song edit page in the mobile apps. Linked items like MIDI presets or recordings generally won't be copied with the song.

You cannot export and import multiple songs or other data between accounts other than exporting and importing an entire project. You will have to enter your unavailable dates into both accounts. Or you can manage your bands as two projects within one account as I mentioned earlier.