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Change song BPM, change automation event times

Started by JerryK, February 16, 2024, 04:13:33 AM

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How much does this affect anyone?
I'm changing the speed/BPM of a couple of backing tracks which already have automation for guitar and PA effects.  So the automation events need moving.  In this first case, there are a dozen but could easily be more.  Rather than re-record them, I decided to calculate the new time for each event, with a spreadsheet.
So, with some formatting for confidence checking, and because Excel stores time as a fraction of a day:
I take the existing event time *24*60*60 to display in seconds
multiply by the old BPM
divide by the new BPM
convert that back to 'days'  with /24/60/60
and format as mm:ss.00, to enter back into the BH automation.

So, for the old event time example 03:17.65, I now enter 03:46.57 etc., with that quite lengthy coarse & fine time editor.

I guess it would also be possible to enter the old and new song duration, optionally, to achieve the same thing.

That's all a bit tedious but entirely predictable, so I wonder if enough people feel they would benefit from a button/facility in BH to automate the process and make that change much easier??  Arlo might be persuaded.


Bars & beats assumes strict tempo, which many backing tracks aren't.
For me, it's a one-time change, not to re-do, especially on the fly.
Thanks for the wish-list add though.


When you say "strict tempo" I think you mean the tempo doesn't intentionally change to a different bpm value. You're right, that would be more difficult to support.


Sorry, by strict tempo, I mean a track recorded in time with a given tempo.  In fact, a good number of (e.g.) karaoke-version tracks were recorded, presumably, against the original, presumably (again) for authenticity.  Those songs vary throughout.


It never occurred to me that a backing track would have a tempo that drifts! But I see what you mean now.


Quote from: arlo on February 18, 2024, 08:51:56 PM
It never occurred to me that a backing track would have a tempo that drifts! But I see what you mean now.

It was a surprise to me too.  Increasingly unpopular with others, as they can't sync other things with it.