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Remote Control with full screen documents

Started by Foamkeys, January 16, 2014, 08:18:15 PM

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I just downloaded version 3.4.2 and think I have found a bug.

I used a B-105 to flip pages forward and backward.....this has been working perfectly until the most recent update. 

The behaviour I see now is:

Entering "perform" mode I can move forward and backward using the footswitch

Entering "full screen mode" the app no longer responds to the footswitch

Exiting "full screen mode" the app no longer resonds to the footswitch.

I don't have an iCloud back up so, I believe, I am not able to revert to a previous version of the app.   

Any suggestions?  I have a gig this weekend and I will be disappointed if I can't use the app.



I tested this with version 3.4.2 and the app still responds to the foot switch, but doesn't scroll the document to the correct position when a portrait document is displayed full-screen on a landscape device. That's another result of the problem noted here:,473.0.html

If that's the problem you're experiencing, it will be fixed very soon. If you need an immediate workaround, can you use your device in portrait orientation to match the document orientation?


Thanks for the quick response.

I experimented a bit more and confirm that the app is responding to the footswitch but not scrolling to the correct place.   This is independent of landscape or portrait mode. Here is what I see .....

a) Each time I start the app and enter perform mode (without entering full page mode) the first time I use the foot switch to advance a page it works.   After that both the right and left foot switch return me to the first page of the document.  ( I can still manually move to the next page)

b) In perform/full page mode, the foot switch returns me to the first page of the document every time.

c) Closing and restarting the app gives me the same behaviour as a) followed by b)

I will watch for an update and let you know if it addresses the issue



What actions are your foot switches mapped to? (Settings > Remote Control > Bluetooth Keyboard Input)

Are your documents portrait-oriented with multiple pages?


I have been using these settings since I first installed the App.  It stopped working when I installed 3.4.2.
Bluetooth Keyboard Messages

Up Arrow <=> Previous Page
Down Arrow <=> Next Page

The documents are portrait oriented, Multi page PDFs.


So, inspired by your question, I changed from

Up Arrow <=> Previous Page
Down Arrow <=> Next Page


Up Arrow <=> Previous Screen
Down Arrow <=> Next Screen

The app is now responding to the footswitch as desired...........pretty happy about that!!!



Next/Previous Screen should work better when you're displaying portrait documents in landscape orientation with the full-screen layout. But after the next update you should be back to whatever behavior you had before.


Just installed the 3.4.3 update.  The functionality I had been relying upon is restored.......thanks.

"Next page" works better than "next screen" for me........I think some of my PDF documents have inconsistent page sizes in their meta data.

I had also not realized how much I relied on annotations to highlight or make notes on dynamics, tempo, repeats, etc in my charts...........until they were missing........all seems good now.