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Suggested change to the Practice Layout

Started by Pongo, August 08, 2014, 03:47:33 PM

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Hi Arlo,

Following your explanation of how Document zoom and/or scroll data is saved to a Document (last place where manipulation was made is what is stored), would you consider making the Practice Layout exempt from this?

I've always thought that there should be a place within SLM, that can be used as a workspace, where we can leave our 'work' and return later to finish the work (as it was left, but without impacting the Perfom Layout). Having to build a show, within the Perfom Layout, seems a bit odd. The Perfom Layout should be what is selected when the performance-ready songs are to be...we'll, performed.

Currently, I find that I must go through every Document to ensure that it was last auto saved correctly, to avoid any surprises during a performance. Having a place in SLM ( such as the Practice Layout) would allow me to use that layout for making adjustments, without committing them to a show.

Does that makes sense?



No, I'm not following that. I think you're saying want to use the Practice layout for adjusting all your document zoom levels, but you want the Practice layout to be exempt from saving the zoom levels -- that seems contradictory.

What is the problem you're trying to solve?


The problem that I'm trying [in vain] to solve, is to ensure that every song in a show, while in the Perform Layout, plays correctly 100% of the time.

Again, the Perform Layout should be where everything is `set in stone', until the user makes a change to the song THERE and saves it THERE. Having to worry about whether or not the Document will be placed correctly in the Perform Layout, because it may have been changed in one of the other areas of SLM (such as in the Practice Layout), seems like an area that could be improved upon. Whatever layout is chosen in the Shows section, as the main layout for the user, should be where everything associated to a song is `saved', trumping, for example, how a Document is saved in the Document section, or anywhere else in SLM.

Am I the only user that sees value in such a feature?


I'm assuming that the ability to save and recall the same data for a song or a document from anywhere in the app, or at least from any layout, is more beneficial than the ability to save different song data from different parts of the app or different layouts.

If you are talking about document zoom levels in particular, I don't see the value of wanting to save different document zoom levels at different times. I would think there would be one ideal zoom level that you would want to use at all times.

I'm still not sure exactly what the problem is here, but if you're talking about the problem you described in this thread, then I think a button to explicitly save zoom positions rather than auto-saving would be better than auto-saving a different zoom position in each layout.


It's obvious that I'm asking for something that's not of value to anyone else, apparently.

I'll continue to work with what the current version of SLM offers and just make it work for my unorthodox needs.

Thanks again Arlo,