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Recommendations for SMALL MIDI Controller?

Started by GuyM, September 09, 2014, 05:52:29 AM

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1. If the DIGIT II is paired and working, the iPad Editor KEYBOARD goes not pop up. So edits have done to be when DIGIT is Switched off

Some AirTurn products have a button or switch to quickly power-cycle the device, which triggers the on-screen keyboard to appear; I don't know about this one. Also, in the upcoming Set List Maker 4.0.6, you can use the keyboard button in the top toolbar to disable the AirTurn and trigger the on-screen keyboard to appear.

2. I noticed that when I have a song with 2 MIDI PRESETS in and use the digit to NEXT (or PREV) MIDI PRESET, in my Set Perform layout, page the 2 MIDI preset icons (I have them at the bottom of page) are visibly switched when the button is pressed (i.e. one lights up and then the other....back and forth) however, the MIDI ICONs that is are visible in the side (SONG)  bar do not do so at the same time, which is a bit confusing!

The app assumes that you only have one set of MIDI buttons on the screen at a time, so it just sends the updates to the first set that it finds and stops there. Maybe you could save some screen space by just using one set of buttons or the other?


1. Excellent! Though not a problem really now I know
2. Could do, I think the ones in the song bar are more visible so maybe take the others out of my page layout