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Smart List For Midi Information

Started by GuitarForLife, August 14, 2019, 03:57:29 PM

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Hi Im trying to create a smart list of Song Titles by Raw Midi Device by Midi Preset Name and Program Change Number, but (other than Title) the relevant parameters dont appear to be available.
I would like to print a report which tells me what the presets are for each song. I had my midi interface fail at a gig the other day, and it was a slow process looking up each program change between songs, so I thought a report would be a useful backup.  I interchange between a Roland GR55 guitar synth and a Headrush Pedal Board at different gigs, and so it would also be useful to check that all songs have a midi preset allocated no matter which device I'm using.  Thanks!


You can't show MIDI presets on a smart list. But you can go to Repertoire > Songs on the website and click the Export button and the exported file will show the names of the MIDI presets attached to each song. You can also go to Repertoire > MIDI Presets and click export to show the contents of each preset.