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Alesis IO Dock 2 Foot pedal / midi message question

Started by jamkeys, March 16, 2016, 09:09:57 AM

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The foot pedal on the Alesis IO Dock 2 specifically sends cc14 127 at the first click and cc14 0 at the 2nd click (toggles back and forth) both on Channel 1.  This is not adjustable. 

The BandHelper  MIDI Acitivity Log shows this as [B0, 0E, 7F] and 00 when I click the pedal so it is seeing the message. 

How do I know which Midi Controller Message I assign the start/stop function to as I don't see a cc14 and 14 seems to be "unassigned" when I look on the internet.



Yes, unfortunately Alesis chose to use an undefined MIDI message, so BandHelper isn't set up to respond to it.

This forum post shows how to use the MIDI Bridge app to remap CC 14 from the iODock to a standard CC 80 that Set List Maker can respond to:,926.msg2801.html#msg2801