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Simple Mode needed

Started by Uwe, August 16, 2018, 12:43:00 AM

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This is a nice addition, thanks!
Is there a way to hid modules for certain users?


Yes, the settings under Settings > Appearance > Menu Shortcuts are per-device and per-module. So one user can use all the shortcuts, one user can use them for just one module and one user can not use them at all.


Quote from: arlo on October 14, 2018, 10:25:25 AM
Check out the new app versions that were released today. The main menus for each module are grouped with the one or two items that your bandmates will need at the top. That change is visible for everyone now.

You can also enable a hidden change to beta test it. Click Help > Utilities > Enable Menu Shortcuts. Then go to the Repertoire menu and the set list for the next event will appear in a Shortcuts section at the top. Clicking this will take you directly to the set list view, using your last-used layout. If you want to add shortcuts to more set lists (say, the next three) you can adjust Settings > Appearance > Menu Shortcuts > Set Lists. And if you want to add undated set lists or smart lists to the shortcuts, you can go to Repertoire > Set Lists > [set list name] > Edit Details or Repertoire > Smart Lists > [smart list name] > Edit and turn on Add to Shortcuts.

So, if you're using dated set lists or you've designated your undated set lists or smart lists as shortcuts, the click path to the set list view would be: Repertoire > [set list name]. But you can still get to other set lists, or the set list share functions, by using the original menu items below the shortcuts section.

Similarly, the Events menu shows shortcuts for the next upcoming events, and the Contacts module shows shortcuts for the most overdue actions. The Finance module simply shows a shortcut to add a transaction.

I think this is a worthwhile addition, and my only question now is exactly how to visually present the shortcuts. I need to strike a balance between the shortcuts and the other menu items, so novice users won't look past the shortcuts but advanced users won't miss the other options below.

By the way, eventually this will be turned on for everyone and the Enable Menu Shortcuts utility will go away. But you would still be able to hide the shortcuts function by lowering the Settings > Appearance > Menu Shortcuts options to 0.

And this is not directly related to this function but will be useful when viewing set lists with shortcuts: if you want to change to a different layout, you can now click the Edit Layout button in the bottom toolbar and it will include the list of available layouts, so you can jump directly to a different layout without leaving the set list view.
I've been busy gigging but wanted to check in to thank you for these recent changes. The re-ordering of the Rep menu is a simple yet very effective change and makes it much easier even for me who's used the app for years.

I keep saying it but this is legitimately the best app and I can't figure without it!


Loving the Shortcuts  BUT
I find it "always" shows me the wrong layout.
I use bandhelper for myself in 3 bands (projects), plus all members of a third outfit. I keep a "Homework" setlist in each Project.
So, for rehearsals/practice, I use a "Practice" layout with speed and Recording controls etc; but for gigs, I use "Split View".
The nice new Shortcuts (thank you) remember which Layout I used last in that Project.  So, when I get to a gig or a rehearsal/practice, the Layout is frequently wrong because I almost always do some homework between gigs.
Any chance of an option (probably per Project) to remember the last-used Layout per Project or per Setlist, please?  Or possibly a drop-down list (not so good).
Thanks Arlo
Happy tweenmas/New Year


Saving the last-used layout for each set list wouldn't work well unless you're pretty much only using two set lists (one for every practice and one for every gig).

I have two suggestions instead:

1) When you finish practicing before a gig, switch to your performance layout.

2) Add the Edit Layout button to both your layouts if it's not already. Then if the shortcut doesn't open to the layout you want, you can use that to quickly switch layouts.


Edit Layout button - good call.
Thanks, Arlo


Some additional usability updates are coming in the next major app release, and are available to preview now:,2204.0.html


Hey arlo,

only finding time to write down my latest observation hoping this is the right thread for it.
I really like the shortcut-function showing the upcoming gigs but realized that the gig sometimes vanishes although is it not done yet.
Is this due to the different time-zones (I am based in GMT+1) or does it only work correctly when adding a starting- and end-time?



This shouldn't be affected by the time zone. The cutoff will be the event end time if you entered one, or midnight on the day of the event if not.

I just checked and it's working as expected for me, so please submit a help ticket if you find an example that isn't working.


Will keep this behavior in mind and submit one if needed.

Thanks for the explanation.

Regards, Chris


To start with, it blows my mind that musicians that have a chance to use this app, after someone else has done all the heavy lifting, would just give up on it. 

Having said that I do understand there are "those people" out there,  and to be honest, I could see myself using a "simple mode" once i have done all the setting up and editing. If i could go into settings and choose simple mode or normal mode.  And simple mode just had labelled icons on the main page (that the administrator sets up) which would take me directly to the setlist and layout that I want, i would probably use that for gigs and/or rehearsals.  Then just  go back to the normal mode if I need to add tunes or do any edits that can't be done on the website. 


After the user survey earlier this month, I talked with a few people who specified that what they mean by "easier to use" is mainly "fewer clicks to navigate through the menus." So I'm currently testing a change that would flatten the navigation and, in conjunction with the existing shortcuts function, essentially create a "simple mode" for your bandmates. Details are here:,2355.0.html