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Consolidated events overview of different projects

Started by Chris, March 29, 2019, 04:56:51 AM

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In the JSON feed, there is no visual style to alter, but a "cancelled" flag is included.


Great... I will check then how I can have this accounted for :)


Coming back to this part of the thread:

Quotethe widget on my webpage still shows a gig that took place yesterday regardless if I add the 16th as the end-date or not

It turns out I had it set to keep displaying events until one day after they ended. Now that seems confusing, so I just removed that. Does that fix it for you?

Note that if an event has an end time at or after midnight, it will still appear on the following day, but then it will disappear the next day.


Hi arlo,
thanks for still looking into this. Currently no gigs to display due to COVID-19 but will check with some made-up ones.