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Last post by jeff9661 - Today at 12:42:44 PM
I finally figured it out. In the CK-61 under menu > general > Audio > USB Audi Volume. Once I turned that up, I was able to turn off multi-audio in BandHelper . Initially the audio was coming out of the CK_61, but when I removed the cable from the iPad Audio out and plugged it in again. Then the audio came through that output. 
Announcements / Re: When to use this forum, wh...
Last post by jeff9661 - Today at 11:48:18 AM
No audio out of the iPad audio out port (3.5mm) when I have my Yamaha CK-61 connected via USB. I'm using an Apple camera adapter to connect the iPad to an Atolla USB hub. Connected to the hub is my Yamaha CK-61 keyboard and my Roland Fantom 06 keyboard. I then use the audio out of the iPad to my Mackie profx10 mixer. I get audio out of the iPad fine until I turn on the Yamaha CK-61, then I get no audio. I'm also sending PC MIDI messages to the CK-61 with no problem. I've been reviewing the info at One of which is Multi-route Audio. I don't believe I need to have this on. However, it was working when I had that on and the input setting on that same page set to CK1. I do get audio, but it is VERY noisy, has no gain and I have to crank it up which makes the noise worse. I've also worked with the volume slider on the layout and increased the volume in recordings, which helps some, but again I should not have to do this. I've also tried using CK 61 port 2 under MIDI devices settings, but that did not work. I don't know what is up between BandHelper and the Yamaha CK-61. Not seeing any setting in the CK-61 that would fix this. Auido sound great when the CK 61 is turned off or disconnected. But I need it to facilitate PC changes.
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Last post by jamkeys - Today at 05:45:55 AM
Thanks Arlo,

{resolved - I had "Titles only , one column per set" checked.   When I unchecked that the Copy Text populated.   Leaving hear in case it helps someone.)

Coincidentally earlier this week I was trying to "Copy Text" from share setlist and nothing was showing in the copy text box.  I was on my work computer and thought maybe there was an issue because of that and didn't give it much thought. 

I am preparing for tonight's gig and the copy text option is showing up blank for me on my personal computer where I usually do it from.  It is happening in all projects in Edge and Safari.
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Last post by arlo - April 12, 2024, 05:08:22 PM
It sounds like your custom notation is already in PDF files, so you could attach those to your songs in BandHelper.

I would leave the backing tracks in Reaper, but instead of stepping forward and backward through songs there, send MIDI from BandHelper to Reaper whenever you select a song to load the corresponding song in Reaper. Then you could use the foot switch to step through songs in BandHelper, or click a song title on the screen in BandHelper if you want to go out of order.

Then you can build set lists in BandHelper and since BandHelper will display the correct documents and load the correct Reaper songs for you, you won't have to rearrange your paper sheets or rearrange your Reaper tabs for each set list. So basically you will have instant access to your PDFs and your Reaper projects, whether you are following a set list or skipping around to different songs. And those set lists will sync to all the band's devices automatically. So making a set list becomes a one step process instead of requiring several additional steps to get everything up to date.
Repertoire Help / Re: Tempo flash colours
Last post by arlo - April 12, 2024, 04:58:25 PM
"not the first time I've repeated myself or repeated myself"  ;D
Repertoire Help / Re: Tempo flash colours
Last post by JerryK - April 12, 2024, 04:12:17 PM
(not the first time I've repeated myself or repeated myself)

Sorry.  I wish I were trying to gain extra votes but it may be sadder than that!  Haha
Repertoire Help / Re: MIDI Status Viewer
Last post by JerryK - April 12, 2024, 04:10:32 PM
Yes indeed, a GUI version.  My idea being to emulate my Helix guitar board in a way that's particularly familiar because buttons light up when 'on'; and I could arrange them the same, regardless of controller number or name.
That thought led on to any device, since they all talk the same language.

Sorry, I had missed the Paired Presets feature.  That's heading the right way already.
Good man, Arlo.
Repertoire Help / generic approach to Bandhelper...
Last post by TauTau - April 12, 2024, 12:20:41 PM
I'm currently looking at perhaps using some advanced tool for our on-stage setup. I think it's easiest to explain what we are currently using/doing, and I then hope to get some hints at how bandhelper could assist us.
First of all, we don't use regular notation, for guitars we developed our own style of documentation (think of it like tabs). After all, we make black metal, we're too dumb for real notes :D
We use a lot of backtracks (even the drums come from the laptop), from within reaper (each song is opened in its own reaper tab). Since we're quite old, we have a track with colour coding to show where in the song we are. I as guitar player have a PDF which resembles the same colour codes with that mentioned guitar-tabs. I view that PDF on my phone, each song fits on a screen (if needed, I can give screens/graphics that explain more detailled)
Our singer has a paper notebook that he switches pages manually between songs.
I switch between songs in reaper using a foot-pedal, that allows song-forward, song-backward (i.e. switching the reaper tabs), and play, that pedal uses PC-keyboard simulation which I set in reaper actions (so it sends for example "A", "S", "D").

so the big question is, how could I streamline this setup using Bandhelper? The easiest parts probably is lyrics, I've already seen how that works.
But how should the sync between reaper and bandhelper happen? Should I start Bandhelper via pedal, and it then starts reaper via Midi?
Also maybe interesting, we're currently implementing our own lighting, but since this will probably be controlled via Midi from reaper, it's quite integrated already

here's hoping on innovative ideas ;) (don't refrain on complex technical solutions, I got a 30 years IT background and can understand a lot I think ;))
Repertoire Help / Re: MIDI Learn / iPad Pro / US...
Last post by EnjoyRC - April 12, 2024, 10:16:45 AM
Quote from: arlo on April 12, 2024, 10:08:41 AMDoes it work if you leave the Port in your MIDI Device set to All? If not, please submit a help ticket.
I choose the actual port of the synth. And set the MIDI channel.
The Roland Fantom defaults to MIDI 16 for patch changes.
Repertoire Help / Re: MIDI Learn / iPad Pro / US...
Last post by arlo - April 12, 2024, 10:08:41 AM
Does it work if you leave the Port in your MIDI Device set to All? If not, please submit a help ticket.