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Polls / Dealing with duplicate data
« Last post by arlo on Today at 10:44:19 AM »
One area of usability I'd like to address is the situation where someone ends up with duplicate data. This could include duplicate songs because of importing the same data into different projects, duplicate layouts because of different users loading default layouts assigned only to them, or duplicate smart lists because of loading default smart lists into different projects. I think that in cases where users directly create one duplicate item, such as adding a new song and then realizing they had already previously added that song, it's easy to understand what's happening and clean it up. But with the import and load default functions, it's harder to see exactly what happened and users are more likely to be confused about where all the data came from and what to do with it.

I've tweaked the load default functions to be smarter about checking for existing data across projects and users and reassigning the existing data instead of adding duplicate data. But previously created data still exists, and maybe there are other situations that are leading to this issue. Do you have examples of duplicate data in your account that has been a challenge to deal with?

I'm envisioning a function in the web interface that could show duplicate items and let you choose which one to keep. But more examples of when this has been a problem would help clarify what the problem is and what solution would be best.
Polls / Showing Projects fields always
« Last post by arlo on Today at 10:34:28 AM »
Currently, BandHelper only shows the Projects fields and filters when you have added more than one project to your account. The idea is to minimize clutter from functionality you're not using. However, this means that you might not know the capability of multiple projects exists. So I see people asking if they can set up multiple bands in an account, or setting up multiple accounts for multiple bands, or putting data for multiple bands all into the same project. Is it worth showing the additional field at all times in exchange for making this functionality more discoverable?
Repertoire Help / Re: External monitor questions
« Last post by arlo on Today at 09:38:49 AM »
Very cool!
Repertoire Help / Re: External monitor questions
« Last post by jfeniello on Today at 09:08:10 AM »
Got it working :)   And built a case for it.   Purchased a 3rd gen apple tv so i can send to it wirelessly.    Just finished yesterday, hoping to use at the next gig.
Practice Log Help / Re: Practice Log for practicing Songs
« Last post by Bibo69 on November 09, 2019, 11:51:10 PM »
Hmm... maybe I am not that good at practicing then. ;-)

Still I believe that everything that will be tracked automatically and doesn‘t require manual documentation has the higher probability to produce meaningful data in the end. Just my 10 cents, though. I‘ll try working more like you intended.

Repertoire Help / Re: Midi files not working with Quantiloop
« Last post by Ahiru on November 09, 2019, 05:03:44 AM »
If MIDI file is delayed, and the amount of the delay varies according to tempo, that can only be a factor of the MIDI player...

To clarify, the delay does NOT vary by tempo in my system.  The audio playback always precedes MIDI by 215msecs regardless of song tempo.  Likewise, I must always delay the MIDI file by a net (additional) 100msecs, regardless of the song tempo.  What does vary is how that 100msecs translates to some number of 'tics' within the DAW, since those tics are dependent on BPM; but that's just conversion math and not a absolute variable delay.

Have you tried turning on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Low-Latency Recordings? (That would also affect the MIDI player.)

I've never tried the Low-Latency Recordings setting... will check that out.  What does that do under the hood?
(Even if it helps, I probably won't use it since I don't want to edit about 60 MIDI files. :P Moreover, even if it results in perfect sync of MIDI and audio from the iPad running BandHelper, I still have downstream lighting delays that have nothing to do with BandHelper that will probably need to be addressed with some relative delay.)

That is a good question. I just did a web search and found one explanation, in the Sep 30, 2016 answer on this page:

Interesting article about synchronizing the lights and sound...  I had always assumed the multiple speaker systems in a large venue were synchronized by delaying the signal to 'back of house' speakers, so that the output of those back peakers would match the (delayed) sound of the front stage speakers; and which would not help with the light/sound sync in the rear of the venue.  The cited article seems to say all speakers are 'real-time' and the speakers in the back just 'overwhelm' the sound from the front; though that would address the light/sound sync, I'm skeptical that's what's done... will do some more searching!
Repertoire Help / Re: Midi files not working with Quantiloop
« Last post by arlo on November 08, 2019, 04:18:33 PM »
This is interesting. If MIDI file is delayed, and the amount of the delay varies according to tempo, that can only be a factor of the MIDI player, since an audio player has no concept of the tempo of the file it's playing (it just blindly repeats the series of amplitude changes in the file). Furthermore, the delay must occur after the MIDI player starts playing, rather than being a delay required to start playing, which also wouldn't be affected by tempo. If the delay for a given song is consistent across performances, that would also suggest the delay is part of what the player is doing on purpose, rather than a delay caused by a hardware resource constraint, which would probably vary from one day to the next. If the delay were found to be consistent between older and newer devices, that would further support this explanation.

Have you tried turning on Settings > Audio & MIDI > Low-Latency Recordings? (That would also affect the MIDI player.)

Could you try measuring from when you start the playback to when the first MIDI message is sent, with or without a recording playing, and see if the absence of a recording changes anything? (If you use the low-latency setting, and your recording picks up the sound of your finger hitting the screen, you could use that to measure from. Playback starts on touch down instead of touch up with the low-latency setting.)

I remain puzzled at how light shows can be made to look tightly synchronized at the back of large venues given the big difference between sound and light propogation speeds

That is a good question. I just did a web search and found one explanation, in the Sep 30, 2016 answer on this page:
Repertoire Help / Re: Bluetooth MIDI
« Last post by arlo on November 07, 2019, 01:25:24 PM »
Do you mean you want to shield BandHelper from receiving unnecessary MIDI messages? I think you could do that with a MIDI routing app like MidiFire, but the (minimal) processing power required to do that probably wouldn't be any less than the processing power that BandHelper uses to look at and discard unwanted messages. One thing you could do is go to Settings > Remote Control and change MIDI Input Port to a port other than what the messages would be coming in on (e.g., a different MIDI app on your device rather than the Bluetooth MIDI adapter) or change MIDI Input Channel to a channel that no devices are using. Then BandHelper will do the minimal amount with the messages before deciding it doesn't need them. Filtering at the port level would be most efficient, then at the channel level. You'll see "discarded data at [port/channel] filter" in the MIDI activity log when this happens.
Repertoire Help / Bluetooth MIDI
« Last post by WITELITE on November 07, 2019, 09:34:57 AM »
Bandhelper gets better and better. We would be lost without it.

Question in regard to Bluetooth Midi. Most of those devices require you to plug into to both MIDI IN and MIDI Out for Power. I’m just interest in SENDING Program Changes to the devices using Bandhelper. Is there a way to turn off MIDI out by Device within your program or through another program assuming the hardware doesn’t let you do it.

We have a lot of MIDI devices and I don’t want to overload what’s coming in from Keyboards or Samplers when the sole purpose of them is to receive program changes sent by Bandhelper


Repertoire Help / Re: Change colors
« Last post by Bkpgeral on November 06, 2019, 08:52:49 AM »

"in the preview there was no change": please submit a help ticket if you think something isn't working right.

Ok, thanks
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